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  • The Ink System Pro CIS - the best way to get
    consistent quality while saving hundreds
  • The refillable cartridge for those who wants to try the
    ink and willing be deal with frequently refilling.

  • Save hundreds of dollars by using the Ultimate
    Pigment inks and the Ink System Pro.
  • Print high quality photos without worrying about the
    high cost of cartridge
  • Guarantee not to clog, the best CIS on the market
Step 1: Preparation of the printer for Ink System Pro Installation - Purge the print heads

Note: Purging air from the bottom of the cartridge will help rid of the air pocket and get the cleaning fluid into the
nozzle for faster for better cleaning.  When air is removed and cleaning fluid is allowed to get in this narrow passage
leading to the print nozzle, the cleaning fluid will get the print nozzle without air blocking this exit passage.

This step:

  1. Show how to make a cleaning cartridge and use it to purge the print heads of the old ink before conversion to a
    bulk ink system
  2. Show how to purge air from the cartridge
  3. Show how to let the printer charge the print heads with cleaning fluid

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