Auto reset chip * auto reset chip and blank cartridge * Auto reset chip and refillable cartridge.  Auto reset ink level at 20% **  No chip resetter, no need to remove the cartridge.  Use the auto reset chip to reset R2400, R1800/R800, 2200,2100, R200/R220/R300/R300M/R320/R340/RX500/RX600/RX620,
C88/C86/C84/CX7800/CX4800/CX3800/CX3810/CX4600/CX6400/CX6600, 1280/1290
Auto Reset Chip for Epson, HP and Canon printer
    ARC - Auto Reset Chip

    How does auto re-set chip ( ARC ) works?

    The Epson smart chip alerts you the ink level is low before the cartridge is
    completely empty.  This happens at about 20%.  When the ink level displayed
    by the software reaches zero, the printer will eventually stop printing.  After
    refilling the cartridge, it is necessary to reset the chip for the printer to "think" it
    has ink to operate normally.  This require a chip resetter.  And the chip can
    only be reset a number of times.  Also, the sponge inside the sponge type
    cartridge will eventually break down clog up the print heads.

    This auto reset chip reset the ink level without the use of a chip resetter and
    the cartridge does not have to be removed for the reset.  The reset takes
    place after a power cycle at 20%.  If the printer has a large print job going, the
    printer alert for low ink, the print job must be stopped before the chip can be
    reset.  Normal power off and power on will reset the chip when the 20% level
    is reached.


    1.  Never install a cartridge without a chip.  Serious damage will occur to the
    printer.  Always check the chip to see it is. Make sure the chip is securely
    mounted before inserting a cartridge into the printer.

    2.  Do not rely on the auto reset chip to monitor the ink level in the cartridge.  
    There is no sensor in the cartridge to monitor the actual ink level.  The printer
    estimate the amount of ink used and store the information on the chip.  With
    the CIS, the cartridges are always full as long as the external tank is filled with
    inks.  However, the refillable cartridge should be refilled each time when the
    chip reset to avoid the cartridge run dry.  Always top up the cartridge before a
    large print job.
  • Epson 4 color auto reset chip
    C88/C88+/CX3800, CX3810, CX4200, CX4800,  CX5800F,CX7800, C68, C88, C88+
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  • Epson 6 color auto reset chip
    R200 / R220 / R300 / R300M / R320 / R340 / RX500 / RX600 / RX620
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  • 8 color auto reset chip
    Epson Stylus Photo R1800 / R800
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  • 8 color auto reset chip
    Epson Sylus 2200
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Wide Format replacement chips - These are not auto reset chips
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Auto- reset chips available for all Epson, HP, Canon and large format printers

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    Refillable cartridge with auto reset chip
    Refillable cartridge with auto reset chip
    Refillable cartridge with auto reset chip

    Refillable cartridge with auto reset chip